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Trinity to run on A75 chipset

by on25 October 2011

Some 20 percent faster than Llano

AMD has shed some light on its upcoming Virgo platform and Trinity APU, which is based on the new Piledriver core.

Trinity is said to be compatible with the A75 chipset, but it will use the new FM2 socket. However, it is still unclear whether the new socket is pin compatible with FM1 and whether Trinity APUs will be able to run on current A75 boards. There is also a good chance the new APU will be compatible with the A55 chipset, which is basically a crippled A75.

In terms of performance, the figures seem a bit underwhelming. Although Trinity is based on the all-new Bulldozer derived Piledriver core, AMD claims it will be about 20 percent faster than Llano, which is basically based on the venerable K10.5 Stars core. This comes as a bit of a disappointment, since AMD made some rather more optimistic performance projections in the past. (You wanted to buy one, right? sub.ed.)

On the bright side, graphics performance should be about 30 percent better than on the Llano. The new DirectX 11 GPU is said to feature Eyefinity, up to three displays, DisplayPort 1.2 and UVD 3 video decoding.

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