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Intel keeps its mouth shut over Bulldozer killer

by on11 October 2011


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2700K rumoured

Chipzilla is keeping its mouth shut over whether it is going to bring out a new Core i7 onto the market to spoil AMD's Bulldozer launch. According to Tweaktown, there is a rumour that Intel is prepping up a new member of the LGA1155 lineup to stop Bulldozer in its tracks.

The big idea appears to be to drop a chip called the 2700K. This will provide a minor clock speed increase over the already available Intel Core i7 2600K. The 2600K is a 3.4GHz part with the 2700K set to be a 3.5GHz part, with Turbo enabled those speeds will be 3.8 and 3.9GHz, respectively, Tweaktown said.

The 2600K is doing well because it can be overclocked to a huge 4.5GHz+ if you have good cooling. The 2700K should manage the same type of overclock as its just a 2600K with an extra 100MHz in the trunk and will pave the way for a 2800K in the future.

There are already people who have cranked up an engineering sample of the 2700K to an impressive 5GHz on air cooling. However the new Bulldozer chips look like they can go quite high so Intel will have its work cut out.

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