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AMD Opteron 4200 lineup detailed

by on05 October 2011

Bulldozer based Valencia models

Following the recent launch of Interlagos, Opteron 6200 chips, AMD is now preparing to launch its Valencia models Opteron 4200 series chips based on the Bulldozer architecture.

CPU-World site managed to score some details regarding the lineup of Opteron 4200 series including a total of eight CPUs. As you already know, Intelagos, known as the Opteron 6200 series, features up 16 cores and support quad-CPU configurations, while the Valencia, Opteron 4200 seris stick to up to 8 cores (four Bulldozer modules) and single or dual-CPU configurations.

The entire lineup is based on the 32nm manufacturing process, feature an integrated DDR3 memory controller, and unlike the Opteron 6200 series which are packing four HyperTransport links, Opteron 4200 lineup has two. Four out of eight detailed CPUs are hexa-cores while the other half are octa-cores.

According to CPU-World site, the lineup starts with the Opteron 4226, a hexa-core part ticking at 2.7GHz. This one has a 75W ACP (Average CPU Power) that corresponds to 95W TDP. The Opteron 4226 is pretty much the same as the 3.1GHz clocked Opteron 4234 and the 3.3GHz clocked Opteron 4238, both hexa-cores and both with a 75W ACP (95W TDP). The only different hexa-core is the Opteron 4228 HE that clocks at 2.8GHz but has a 50W ACP (65W TDP).

The octa-core lineup starts with a low-power Opteron 4256 EE model that has a 32W ACP (35W TDP) and is clocked at 2.5GHz. The rest of the lineup includes one mid-power Opteron 4274 HE clocked at 2.5GHz with a 50W ACP (65W TDP), Opteron 4280 clocked at 2.8GHz and Opteron 4284 clocked at 3.0GHz, both with 75W ACP (95W TDP).

Unfortunately, the specs are limited to the clock and ACP information while the rest of details, including the price, are still unknown. The Opteron 4200 lineup should show up pretty soon.

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