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Vishera Bulldozer FX successor in Q3 12

by on05 October 2011

Volan platform, AM3+ socket
October 12 will be a big day for AMD FX lovers, but we are sure that at least a few of you would like to see a glimpse of the Buldozer FX successor. Let me remind you that we've already wrote about Buldozer successor and the chipset here.

Trinity is the new APU that replaces Lynx platform and Llano and Vishera cores a part of the Volan platform will replace the soon to launch Scorpius. Vishera cores are expected to ship in Q3 2012 if AMD doesn’t face any delays, and yet again this is a 32nm product. Bear in mind that Intel is about to launch its 22nm Ivy Bridge by April 2012 and AMD won’t have 22nm at least until some point of 2013.

Vishera will have at least three different SKU categories and we can only suspect to see eight-core, six-core and a quad-core CPUs.  Piledriver CPU cores are supposed to be 10 percent faster than Bulldozer cores that you find in AMD FX series, and we can hope that AMD can increase frequencies and get some more performance out of the Volan platform in second part of 2012.

The date to expect is July to September and if all goes well, AMD's next generation high end platform might launch at time for back to school next year. The important part is that new Vishera CPUs based on Piledriver cores will fit socket AM3+ motherboard, and we are sure that many will appreciate it. Your Bulldozer FX motherboard should be ok to accommodate the Vishera CPU once it comes out.

The chipset of choice is AMD 990FX + SB950, that appears feature packed, but it still lacks native USB 3.0. You can get USB 3.0 from third party chips and any serious board vendor will make sure to include them.


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