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Bulldozer FX comes in mid October

by on21 September 2011

Seven parts planned
AMD has seven bulldozer based CPUs in preparation, two quad, four eight and one six cores and it looks like a launch in October is the plan. The most likely date is October 12th, a slight delay from mid September launch.

AMD FX 8150 a 125W CPU with 3.6GHz core clock and 4.2GHz turbo, eight core is the leader of this pack, AMD FX 8120 is the runner up with its same 125W TDP 3.1GHz base clock and 4.0 GHz turbo clock. There will also be a 95W TDP AMD FX8120 with the same specs, but this one can possibly launch a bit later due the production schedule.

The third to launch is AMD FX 6100, a 95W six-core part with a base clock of 3.3GHz and turbo clock of 3.9GHz.  Two additional AMD FX series 4100 processors, both quad core will also join this Bulldozer crowd. The faster of two is quad core FX 4170 with 125W TDP and 4.2 GHz core clock and only 100MHz faster for the turbo. This will be the highest clocked desktop CPU to date. 

The runner up is a 95W Quad core AMD FX 4100 with 3.6GHz core clock and 3.8GHz turbo. This list can get some 95W refreshment in quad core and six core market segment but this happens later in Q1 2012.

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