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AMD FX parts coming October 12

by on21 September 2011

Cheaper than expected
AMD’s FX series processors are scheduled to launch in mid October and AMD seems keen take Intel on in the value department.

According to Donanimhaber, the flagship FX-8150 will end up with a $245 price tag, somewhat lower than expected. The same goes for the FX-8120 and FX-6100, priced at $205 and $175. All things considered, the prices are pretty low and all three of them sound like a pretty good deal.

This basically means AMD will position the FX-8150 against Intel’s Core i7 2600K, hence it is safe to assume that performance will be on par. However, AMD has a tradition of offering somewhat better value for money, so the FX-8150 could end up a bit quicker.

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