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AMD officially rolls out dual-core desktop Llanos

by on08 September 2011

The A4-3400 and A4-3300
Although we have seen these listed in some retail/e-tail shops a week ago, AMD has now officially announced its dual-core desktop Llano APUs, the A4-3400 and the A4-3300.

The A4-3400 and the A4-3400 are AMD's entry level offer in the A-Series lineup and actually have a lowest performing graphics part, the Radeon HD 6410D, but with a 65W TDP rating and low price, these should be a logical choice for those that are building either a decent HTPC or a cheap desktop computer that can do a bit more than what you would get from a system with integrated graphics.

As far as the specs are concerned, both the A4-3400 and the A4-3300 feature the same Radeon HD 6410D graphics part with 160 stream processors, 65W TDP, 1MB of L2 cache and support for DDR3-1600 memory. Both of them have support for AMD's Dual Graphics but lack AMD Turbo CORE support. The CPU part of the A4-3400 is clocked at 2.7GHz while the GPU works at 600MHz. The A4-3300 is of course slower and ticks at 2.5GHz for the CPU part and 443MHz for the GPU.

AMD never had a clear date on the A4-series and they were simply scheduled to show up as soon as they are ready so hopefully we'll see a decent amount of these on the market. The suggested price tags are set at US $75 for the A4-3400 and US $70 for the A4-3300.

We already saw these listed in EU retail/e-tail shops a week ago and prices were set at around €60, but now you can find the A4-3300 selling for less than €60. Across the pond, only has the faster A4-3400 in stock and sells it at US $79 with free shipping.

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