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Bulldozer for servers in production

by on08 September 2011

Officially out, but systems come in Q4 2011
Bulldozer is finally out, but unfortunately for many, not the desktop version. AMD has just released the server variant, codenamed Internagos and will sell it under Opteron 6100 brand name.

The initial production of the world’s first 16-core x86 processor codenamed Interlagos began back in August, and it looks like AMD has enough to start selling them in Q4 2011. This is not the kind introduction some hoped for, i.e. that you will be able to go a brand new sever based on this new socket tomorrow, but Q4 starts in October and we hope to see some Opteron 6100 servers in that timeframe.

AMD claims that many of the initial shipments have been earmarked for large custom supercomputer installations that are now under way. Rick Bergman, an old friend of ours that used to be the key ATI man for a long time and is now a senior vice president and general manager at AMD Products Group said:  “This is a monumental moment for the industry as this first ‘Bulldozer’ core represents the beginning of unprecedented performance scaling for x86 CPUs. The flexible new ‘Bulldozer’ architecture will give Web and datacenter customers the scalability they need to handle emerging cloud and virtualization workloads.”

This is all fine, but deep in his mind what he actually would be relieved to see Bulldozer out. AMD is nearly three years late with this product and Bergman and the rest of the AMD team are glad that the Opteron division can finally get some money and traction to a division battered by Intel in recent years.
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