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Future Tegra 3 games demoed

by on21 June 2011

Nice Tegra 2 and 3 titles later this year
One of the chaps that takes care of Nvidia’s The way it’s meant to be played, Keita Ida has decided to show some Tegra 3 gaming in a video taken at Computex.

He showed footage of Lost Planet 2, a game by Capcom adapted from Playstation 3 to Kal-El, the future quad core Tegra. You might remember that we showed footage of a tablet running it some time ago.

Nvidia believes console gaming is coming to future Tegra processors starting with Kal-El and that there will be more games that will look this great. Tegra 2 gaming also made a nice progression as Nvidia has showed Soulcraft that looks quite great, and this game will come later this year. The shadows, spells, weapons can almost match console quality.

Da Vinci is game that looks like a Korean version of the good old Quake 3 shooter. It runs on Tegra 2 and characters are quite detailed. The reflection, high number of polygons and normal maps are some of the nice features possible on Tegra 2 and games like this, including Da Vinci game will come later this year.

You can take a look at it at the video below, and we can tell that some serious looking gaming is coming for Tegra 2 and especially Tegra 3 tablets. The funny part is that Tegra 2 is not the fastest graphics platform available, but Nvidia has an exceptional relationship with the game developer community and it can get some nice deals out of it. This is one of Nvidia's key strategies to win more market share and differentiate itself from other chipmakers in the overcrowded tablet and phone market.
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