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Kal El has same or better battery

by on16 June 2011

As Tegra 2
Despite the fact that we are still talking about the same 40nm manufacturing process, our industry sources are telling us that Kal El might end up with the same or better battery life than Tegra 2.

For a few that might not know this by now, Kal El is the 40nm quad core Tegra 2 successor that targets this fall's top tablets. Kal-El has very advanced power management which might help it to save a lot of battery life and the end result should be same or similar battery life for these new quad core processors.

With the same battery the next generation Motorola Xoom with Kal El can end up with close to 10 hours battery life and with four cores and much better graphics, at least gaming experience should increase tremendously. Kal El specs promises 1.5GHz core clock, 12 graphics cores aka unified shaders that can support 3D, Video output 2560x1600 if anyone needs that, as well as Nvidia’s "five times faster than Tegra 2 " performance claim.

Kal El’s successor codenamed Wayne (not Rooney, the Batmen kind ed.) in 28 nm process should bring up to 10 times performance increase over Tegra 2, once it shows its face in 2012.
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