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Ivy Bridge 20 percent faster than Sandy

by on05 April 2011

Intel claims
Intel is already talking to its partners about its upcoming 22nm Ivy Bridge CPU, and it is sharing some hints of performance. One of the things that Intel told recently is that this 22nm processor should offer more performance with a similar thermal envelope.

Intel tells its partners that they can expect around 20 percent performance increase from Sandy Bridge, which is roughly the same gain that Sandy Bridge had over Nehalem based CPUs. This is an optical shrink of the existing 32nm Sandy Bridge architectureas Intel traditionally takes a safe approach when moves from one manufacturing process to another. The 22nm part after Ivy Bridge is the one with the new architecture, while Ivy Bridge's first competition are Bulldozer and Llano from AMD.

Intel's Ivy Bridge will work in H67 and P67 boards and it will fit in existing boards for both desktop and mobile parts. We already reported about it here.

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