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Llano APU already shipping

by on05 April 2011

AMD’s first 32nm part coming in Q2
AMD has proudly announced that it has started shipping Llano-series APUs. This is the outfit’s first 32nm processor and production units are already on their way to vendors.

The Llano should take on Intel’s Sandy Bridge in several market segments and AMD has rather high hopes for the new part. Thanks to powerful integrated graphics and K10.5+ core architecture, the new CPU could do quite well in the mid-range market.

However, the big news is the fact that AMD’s 32nm process is up and running. The upcoming Bulldozer architecture is the one to really look forward to, as it is AMD’s first entirely new architecture since the legendary K8, which is still with us in one form or another.

AMD CFO and Interim CEO Thomas Seifert announced that the first Llano products should appear in retail by the end of Q2. However, he noted that he did not know the exact schedules, as it was up to OEM partners to ship the actual systems.
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