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Smartphone Medfield Atom in Q3 2011

by on21 March 2011

Supports Gingerbread
Intel didn’t forget its promise to continue making the CPUs that might find its way in phone. Back at Cebit we heard that there might be a Nokia coming before the end of the year with MeeGo and Atom CPU inside, but we still have to get some better details about it.

Intel strategy is to have an Atom processor optimised for an open source versions of Android in Q3 2011. Intel hopes to have it within the Q3, so between July and end of September 2011. The new code, codenamed Medfild is the one that Intel targets for the phones.

This will be the first 32nm mobile chip to come, as everyone else are stuck with 40nm-45nm together with TSMC and the other fab players. The fun fact is that Android drivers will be ready for the launch, Q3 2011, while the MeeGo support only comes in Q1 2012. So much about MeeGo.
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