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More Llano specs surface

by on16 March 2011

11 SKUs, but no clocks revealed
AMD is slowly gearing up to introduce new Llano APUs over the next several months and it appears we will see as many as 11 SKUs by the end of the year.

Xbit Labs scored a full spec sheet of Llano processors and it reveals some rather interesting details. All of them will be based on the Husky core, which is a revamped K10.5, but there will be quite a few differences in terms of graphics.

AMD will offer HD 6000 class Beaver Creek graphics on faster models, with either 320 or 400 stream processors. Dual-core Llanos will feature Winter Park graphics with 160 shaders. In addition, GPU clocks will range from 594MHz to 443MHz depending on the SKU.

However, the spec sheet does not include exact CPU clocks, so much is still left to the imagination. Back at Cebit, AMD showed off a mobile Llano part, designated A8-3510MX. This particular model runs at 1.8GHz, but bear in mind that it is a mobile part with a rather conservative TDP envelope. However, Xbit’s spec sheet reveals several desktop variants with TDPs ranging from 65W to 100W. The highest numeric designation is A8-3560P, followed by 3550, A6-3460 and so on.

With its current Propus quad-cores, AMD manages to squeeze out as much 3.2GHz from 95W parts. Unlike Propus, Llano is a 32nm processor, so it could do even better, but it also incorporates the GPU and has more cache. In any case, Llano appears to be a very interesting architecture and it should give AMD a fighting chance against new mid-range Intel Sandy Bridge processors.

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