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Bulldozer is four to eight cores

by on09 March 2011

AMD confirms summer launch
AMD representatives were nice enough to reveal a few tidbits about the upcoming Bulldozer core.

The launch time is still not fixed but we expect it around Computex (first days of June) time. This will happen if AMD fixes the chipset issues that it is reportedly facing.

AMD also told us that it has at least three different version of the Bulldozer CPU. The company’s VP said that there will be a quad-core, six-core and eventually an eight-core version. The launch timeframe is mid-summer, but AMD didn’t want to go any more precise than that.

Bulldozer derivates will get to server market that can accommodate quad-core, six- and and eight-core CPUs.  The wafers are real, the chips are real and soon Bulldozer will give Intel a reason to rethink its Core i7 pricing.
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