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AMD has Buldozer CPU prototypes in house

by on20 September 2010

Sampling partners in Q4 2010
At its analyst conference call in November, AMD might get ready to talk about some more exact dates on the launch date of its Bulldozer architecture. At this time, AMD is only telling the world that Bulldozer will launch in 2011 but John Fruehe, AMD’s director of servers has said that partners should get samples in Q4 2010.

In November time we will get something better than just shipping in 2011. Our sources are implying that Bulldozer prototypes are in quite good shape and that despite the rumours that see it being shipped in the second half of 2011, we actually might see its first Opteron server chips as soon as first half of 2011.

Mr Fruehe did confirm that AMD has been playing with chips in house and he said that they are happy with what they are seeing. He implies that partners should be excited once they get the chips in Q4 2010.

AMD can just hope that all will go well, as it has some serious market share to regain.

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