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22nm Atom has a new core

by on20 September 2010

As far back as November last year, we wrote about the 22nm, next, next generation Atom. You can check the original story here.

We said that Atom that will follow 32nm comes in 2013, quite some time from now especially considering that we haven't even hit Q4 2010.

Intel has revealed that the company plans a 22nm Atom core after 32nm. We learned that this will be the first time that the company fiddled with the core. The 32nm platform is codenamed Cedar Trail while the whole generation codenamed Saltwell.

The 22nm that likely comes in 2013, if not even a bit earlier, will have a new core. Since new 22nm Ivy Bridge / Haswell CPUs are coming already in late 2011, there might be a chance to see some new Atom, something newer than Saltwell in 2012. This is of course only if Intel engineers can finish the new core and get everything done on schedule, or hopefuly ahead of schedule.

22nm will definitely solve a lot of problems and might get Intel in many markets where it wants to be, especially mobile phone market.

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