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Sandy Bridge Celeron coming in Q3 2011

by on25 August 2010

$49.99 and up for dual core with graphics
It looks like Pentium won’t be the last stop for Sandy Bridge based 32nm chips. Intel has just revealed to its special few that it plans to make Celeron CPUs based on this new upcoming core, but they will only come in Q3 2011.

This will be a dual-core Celeron and we are we believe that the graphics part of the chip will still end up enabled. As far as we know there won't be any chipset with graphics so the only integrated non-discrete graphics choice is the GPU inside of the Sandy Bridge.

Sandy Bridge will start in the Legacy L1 market segment it it should be available for $49.99 and of course it will get available in faster iteration that will require more money.

Intel still doesn’t talk about the specification of these future Celeron but this will be quite a technology leap as the current Celeron E3300 and E3400 are based on 45nm Wolfdale dual-core with 1MB of cache while the new Celerons of Q3 2011 will have a dual core 32nm with monolithic design.

We do need to remind you that Intel’s product roadmap is constantly evolving and Intel tends to change it on a regular basis, as it usually with future developments several quarters away.
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