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Sandy Bridge Core i7 2600K name explained

by on24 August 2010
The second generation Core
The name of the fastest Sandy Bridge is Core i7 2600K and we can give you an inside in the new naming scheme. First of all you will know that it’s a Sandy Bridge if you see a name with four digits starting with a number two.

Let’s dissect the Core i7 2600K moniker in segments and explain it. Intel Core is the brand of the CPU, i7 is the brand modifier that will help you distinct the features on a different cores. Number two in 2600 is the generation indicator meaning that this is the second generation of Intel’s Core architecture.

The 600 is the SKU numeric digits that will tell you which CPU you are getting and of course once again bigger numbers mean a better CPU.

The suffix K tells you that the CPU is unlocked and the other iterations such as suffix S will tell you that this is a CPU with performance optimised for lifestyle computing and T has Power Optimised Lifestyle whatever that would mean.

Once again, Intel has new chipset, new socket, new names and of course if you want the Sandy Bridge you will have to throw or sell your Nehalem Core i based system and get a new one with a socket that is only one pin shy of its predecessor
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