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Dunnington 6-core part has 16MB L3 cache

by on20 March 2008


Server and workstation

Intel's new six-core processor has 1.9 billion transistors and it is made using the 45nm Hi-K process. It is made up of three dual-core Penryns stitched together and it's powered by 16MB of L3 cache.

Intel wants to make this part as a server/workstation only product and it is socket compatible with the current generation of Xeon 7300 processors. It should fit in Socket 701.

This CPU won't make it to the desktop market as there aren't any consumer applications that can benefit from so many cores, except rendering. Who knows, maybe Intel will be crazy enough to put two Dunningtons together and make a Skultraill 2 with a total of 12 cores. It is possible, though.

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