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Qualcomm surges on acquisition rumor

by on04 November 2017

Broadcom acquisition unlikely

Qualcomm has surged $61.81 on a rumor that some people close to the matter have heard that Broadcom is thinking about being bought.

From what we know, this is unlikely to happen and even if you look at Broadcom's balance sheet, Qualcomm without the NXP acquisition has a market cap of $91.23 billion. Broadcom was bought by AVGO.

Avago Technologies bought Broadcom back in late May 2015 for $37 billion and the company today has a market cap of $117.707 billion -  simple mathematics demonstrate that Broadcom/AVGO would not be able to afford Qualcomm, but let’s wait and see what happens.

However, some sort of joint venture or merger would not be out of the question. Qualcomm has had quite a few success stories with previous mergers, including  Atheros which helped Qualcomm a lot in the Wi-Fi and network portfolio.

Over the last two decades, Qualcomm made at least 43 acquisitions and if you ask Fudzilla, we would rather say that Qualcomm could snap Broadcom AVGO up and not the other way around.

Since the companies are doing similar things in the network space, there are likely to be a lot of concerns with regulatory agencies all over the world.


It is not every day that your stock jumps from $54.84 to $61.82 or 12.71 percent in a day. 

One good thing for Qualcomm is that Wall Street finally realized that despite the Apple dispute, Qualcomm is worth much more than was yesterday or the day before.


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