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Qualcomm routers with 802.11 ax in 2018

by on18 October 2017

Confirmed by the Qualcomm’s SVP of connectivity

Qualcomm's Connectivity bloke Rahul Patel claims that the next big thing when it comes to Wireless will be 802.11 ax SVP and we can expect Qualcomm powered 802.11ax routers to appear in 2018.

Patel confirmed that the 802.11ax technology could reach phones in the course of 2019, the later part of the year.

It is up to Qualcomm partners to launch their own devices but the technology will be ready for the next year. Rahul and Cristiano Amon pointed out that the last connectivity mile is going to be wireless and this is not going to change.

The standard home today has around 10 WiFi devices and Rahul mentioned that there will be up to 50 connected devices in the smart home in just five years.


The 802.11 ax standard is an improvement over the existing 802.11 ac Wave 2 which has been around for some time. The 802.11ax standard is under development but it will improve the performance between multiple devices on the network and the router.

The routers with Qualcomm based 802.11 ax are expected in 2018 while the phones might get the 802.11 ax based WiFi in late 2019 or early 2020.

Overall performance of the connected network might improve by four times but the speed per device might not change dramatically compared to 802.11 ac devices.

Currently the company is in the early testing phase and Rahul mentioned the importance of the mesh network or the self-organized network technology that gained a lot of popularity. Google router packs or the popular Orbi by Netgear router packs that can help you cover larger homes and the back yards. They became very popular in the 2017 as they solved the dead WiFi zone problems for many.  

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