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Apple has an Epic retreat

by on11 March 2024

Turns out the EU was serious

Fruity cargo-cult Apple has had second thoughts about banning Epic Games developer account for the “crime” of interpreting the new Digital Markets Act (DMA) in a way that made Jobs’ Mob look bad.

If Apple had gone ahead with its move, Epic could not have brought its Games Store and Fortnite to iOS devices in Europe.

Writing in its Bog, Epic said that Jobs’ Mob had done a U-turn after telling it and the European Commission that they would reinstate Epic’s account.

“This shows that Apple is scared of the new EU law that forces them to let third-party app stores, like ours, on their devices.”

The Digital Markets Act (DMA), says: "The gatekeeper [that would be Apple] shall allow and technically enable the installation and effective use of third-party software applications or software application stores using, or interoperating with, its operating system and allow those software applications or software application stores to be accessed by means other than the relevant core platform services of that gatekeeper."

A spokesEpic is that Apple had been trying to kill off one of its biggest rivals.

The blog said, “They are stopping us from being a fair competitor and warning other developers not to mess with Apple or challenge their dodgy practices.”

If Apple keeps the power to boot any third-party marketplace off iOS whenever it likes, no sane developer would bother to use a third-party app store because they could lose their fans at any time, the bog warned.

Apple said one reason they axed our account only a few weeks after approving it was that Epic slagged off their plan to follow the DMA – which appeared to be to follow a plan of dumb insolence and drag its feet at every opportunity.

Apple pointed to an X post from this thread written by Epic boss Tim Sweeney. Apple is getting back at Epic for speaking out against Apple's unfair and illegal practices, just as they've done to other developers time and time again.

Last modified on 11 March 2024
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