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Apple fiddles with its battery lifespan adverts to dodge EU rules

by on22 February 2024

Claims iPhones can last longer without any new updates.

Apple has fiddled with the iPhone 15's battery lifespan. The company said its latest iPhones can keep 80 per cent of their original charging capacity after 1,000 cycles — double the previous estimate — without any new hardware or software updates.

All it took was a magical press release, and the phones started charging longer. This is somewhat magical because Apple is usually in trouble over battery issues, so claiming they are suddenly lasting longer is a miracle with raising the dead.

While the Tame Apple Press trumpets this claim without engaging its brain, cynical organs like ourselves think this is just too convenient, given that the change will come just in time for new EU rules that will give phones an energy grade for their battery longevity.

Starting in June 2025, smartphone and tablet makers doing business in the EU will be given a grade (A to G) showing their energy efficiency, battery longevity, protection from dust and water and resistance to accidental drops.

The battery longevity bit of the grade requires at least 800 charging cycles while keeping at least 80 per cent of their original capacity, which explains why Apple started retesting its devices' long-term health.

Before today, Apple's online support documents said iPhone batteries could keep 80 per cent of their original full charge after 500 cycles.

Jobs Mob claims that after it retested long-term battery health in its 2023 smartphones — iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max — it found they can keep 80 per cent capacity after at least 1,000 cycles. The company said its support documents will be updated on Tuesday to reflect the new estimate.

Apple says its testing involved charging and draining the batteries 1,000 times under specific conditions, and many tests reflect common uses. As for how the estimate doubled without any physical or software changes, the company says it's thanks to continual improvements to its battery bits and iOS power management.

For older (pre-2023) iPhones, the original estimate of keeping 80 per cent capacity after 500 charge cycles still stands. Apple said it's looking into whether older models' estimates need to be updated.

Apple recommends keeping your phone in temperatures between 16 and 22 degrees Celsius for ideal battery longevity. You'll also want to avoid charging or leaving your handset in hot places (35 degrees or warmer) while trying to avoid much direct sun exposure.

Last modified on 22 February 2024
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