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Google Maps is sending users into the desert.

by on27 November 2023

Electronic Darwinism

Google Maps has started sending users into the Nevada's fierce deserts, presumably in an attempt to lower the population.

According to SFGate, Google Maps started offering a handy "alternate route" far off the major highway and into Nevada's fierce deserts on an off-roading trail.

One video shows a trail of cars closely following each other.  Then a truck driver turned around and warned all the city folk that the road gets washed out the higher into the mountain you get, and we have to turn around since the path leads nowhere.

The local in the video was in a huge truck and was just driving straight through the bushes and shrubs to let people know to turn around.

The off-roading trail was apparently only wide enough for traffic in one direction, and attempting to return in that other direction, "We were driving over bushes and rocks and a lot of the cars couldn't even make it

The Google recommended road was so rough it teared up tires and made for an expensive fix.

Eventually, the highway patrol shut down the road that Google Maps was sending people to, because "With every car coming in, every single car was getting trapped."

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