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New iPhone sets to disappoint customers again

by on21 November 2023

Leaked battery pictures show a tiny increase

The fruity cargo cult Apple is set to disappoint its customers again with the iPhone 16 Pro’s battery life.

Apple’s battery life has been short for years, even if the Tame Apple Press has been praising its ever-increasing size.

A photograph posted on the "X" site of self-proclaimed Apple collector @KosutamiSan allegedly shows the battery for an "early stage" iPhone 16 Pro prototype, indicating that Apple has learnt nothing from its battery past.

The battery has a "glossy" metal shell and a 3355mAh capacity. That is a slight 2.5 per cent increase from the 3274mAh capacity battery inside the iPhone 15 Pro. @KosutamiSan notes that the "current stage" version now has a frosty metal shell and a redesigned connector.

The fact it is made of metal might help with the iPhone’s heat dissipation, although the Tame Apple Press think it might be a rumoured graphene thermal system.

This later excuse covers Apple for the overheating issues the iPhone 15 Pro models experienced, which were later blamed on apps like Instagram.

But the 2.5 per cent increase in battery life for the iPhone 16 Pro is now being touted as “groundbreaking.”

One Tame Apple Press member wrote “would be a larger increase than the 2.3 per cent increase in battery life that the iPhone 15 Pro model received this year. It would be more than the 2.3 per cent iPhone 15 Pro Max battery capacity hike compared to its predecessor. The iPhone 15 battery capacity increased by twice that amount (4.6 per cent), and the iPhone 15 Plus saw its battery capacity rise by 1.4 per cent compared to the iPhone 14 Plus.

For reference, my Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 has a battery life of ‎5000 mAh and costs just 200 Euro, so it is clear that Apple is way behind the rest of the world.

Last modified on 21 November 2023
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