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Google will allow repairs for Pixel Fold

by on25 September 2023

Screen fixes will be pricey

Google has said it will release iFixit-blessed official repair parts and guides for virtually all of the company's Pixel releases, including the Pixel fold. 

.This means it will be the first foldable released with support for DIY repair options.

But Ars Technica has warned that the package is not all that wonderful. While it is good news, Google has started offering OEM replacement parts for the $1,800 phone on the repair site iFixit, some of the parts will cost a fortune.

The phone's inner display repair kit, a 7.6-inch flexible OLED screen, will set you back $900. That "part only" option for $900 is the top half of the Pixel Fold, so you will get the display, the bezels around it, the entire metal frame and sides of the phone, the hinge, side buttons, fingerprint sensor, and a whole bunch of wires.

 You wouldn't buy this and connect it to your original phone; you would part out your original phone and move a few pieces into it, like the motherboard, batteries, cameras, and back plate.

The outer screen is a much more reasonable $160, while the rear glass cover and camera bump are $70. Remember, the batteries—there are two—will run you $50 each.

The rear triple-camera array costs $140, while the inner and front cameras cost $43. You can also buy all the random adhesives, foams, and graphite strips for $4 each, though you're probably better off just sending the ~$10 extra for a "fix kit" if you're already getting a significant part. Something like the graphite sheet could technically be reused after removal, but it's such a critical cooling component that you probably want a new one.

Last modified on 25 September 2023
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