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Apple pulls update

by on15 August 2018

Because it is rubbish

Fruity cargo cult Apple's slide into programming shame has continued after it was forced to pull its latest software update because it tiggered people's phones.

The new iOS 12 beta 7 was pulled after users reported that it did not make their life great, super, or other superlatives.  In fact, it reminded them that they had spent a load of cash on a product which did less than many cheaper models. 

There were multiple reports of problems when tapping on an icon, which can result in a very noticeable pause before the app launches. Some users complained their phone was taking ten seconds to run an app. 

Some users  said that the pausing issue disappeared for them after five or 10 minutes of using the iPhone, as the phone had to cope with the brilliant super code from Apple and adjust its standards of perfection.  Most thought these other guys were just dreaming and the thing was borked.

Even the Tame Apple Press cautioned against installing the update on their iPhones. There have also been reports of other issues, such as apps freezing, Notification Center freezing, Lock screen freezing, and in-app functions refusing to load.

Apple was planning to release a public beta of iOS 12 today, but that may be delayed until these bugs have been addressed in an updated release.

iOS 12 beta 7 was "important" because killed off the Group FaceTime feature that has been present in iOS 12 since launch. Apple now says Group FaceTime will launch in an update coming later this year which will give its users time to find some more friends who can take part in a Group FaceTime with their mothers.

Last modified on 15 August 2018
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