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Sony’s smartphone business shrinks by half

by on01 August 2018

In other news, Sony still has a smartphone business

The latest earnings report from Sony indicates the company's already tiny smartphone business has shrunk by almost half.

In the quarter ending in July 2018, Sony managed to sell only two million mobile devices, down 1.4 million from the same period in the proceeding year.

In its 2017 accounting year, Sony sold 13.5 million phones, and back in April its modest estimate for 2018 was 10 million, but now that's been revised down to nine million.

Anticipating it will make only $5.49 billion of mobile sales for the entire fiscal 2018, Sony is now in a close contest with HTC for the title of being the least relevant global Android device vendor.

Sony's signature mobile feature in recent times has been an insistence on shipping massive bezels for way too long.

Sony is in good financial health and is probably not losing too much sleep over the loss of its smartphone business.

Last modified on 01 August 2018
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