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French want new words for “smartphone”

by on17 January 2018

Something a little more French

The French always have a problem when it comes to English words entering their language and have been desperately coming up with something to replace those nasty roast-beef eating words which come from the world of tech.

The official journal of the French Republic, the Journal Officiel, has suggested "internet clandestin" instead of dark net. It's dubbed a casual gamer "joueur occasionnel" for messieurs and "joueuse occasionnelle" for mesdames. To replace hashtag, it's selected "mot-diese". 

Now the word to face Madam Guillotine is the word  “smartphone” to be replaced by the catchy "le mobile multifonction".

The recommendation was put forth by the Commission d'enrichissement de la langue francaise, which works in conjunction with the Academie Francaise to preserve the French language.

This isn't the first time that the commission has tried to encourage French citizens to switch over to a Franco-friendly word for "smartphone". Previous suggestions included "ordiphone" (from "ordinateur," the French word for computer) and "terminal de poche" (or pocket terminal).

For some reason the unpatriotic French just surrendered to the might of the foreign invaders and just called it a smartphone like the rest of the world. Who would have thunk it?

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