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Google scores own goal with Pixel 2XL

by on24 October 2017

OLED Screen issues

The Tame Apple Press is celebrating after Google's new flagship Android phone is officially out and its new OLED screen appears to have display problems.

Pixel 2 XL owners took to social media to voice their complaints about discoloration and screen burn-in. The first issue Pixel 2 XL owners started noticing was the screen's inconsistent colour temperature, most noticeable when viewing anything with a white background.

The screen has a warm colour temperature but if you look at slightly off angle the colour temperature changes to a bluish tint.

While there are some real advantages to OLED displays over traditional LCDs - they're thinner, more power efficient, brighter, and display more vibrant colours and deeper blacks - they're also prone to defects like screen burn-in.

Samsung has not figured out how to sort out the problem. The Super AMOLED displays used in its Galaxy S8 and Note 8 phones are rated as the brightest screens for mobile devices by DisplayMate's but they're susceptible to burn-in. To prevent burn-in from the screen's virtual home button, Samsung's programmed it to move by a few pixels every few seconds.

While the Tame Apple Press is happy that the Pixel might turn into a mess for Google, it might have a few problems of its own with OLED screens on the iPhone X so it should be careful what it says.

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