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Lenovo will use the Moto brand after-all

by on09 November 2016

Life in the old brand yet

When Lenovo wrote a cheque for Motorola mobility to by the outfit from Google in 2014, it had been widely assumed that the branding would be something that Lenovo would toss in the bin. However, now it appears that Lenovo is about to place all its mobile phones under the Moto brand.

Until now, Lenovo had run the two companies somewhat separately.  Lenovo had its mobiles, mostly in China, and Motorola had its brand, mostly in the West. Now Lenovo has since announced that all future smartphones developed by the company will be branded as “Moto” smartphones and it will drop itsown branding for smartphones in favor of Motorola.

This means that the Moto lineup will see many more smartphones to choose from. Motorola has released Moto handsets in the X, G, and E family and this year there was the Z handsets and recently the Moto M was also announced in China. We should expect a reshuffle in Moto as more popular Lenovo mobile phones are launched. Hopefully we might see more of them in Europe.  Some of the Lenovo phones were rather good value, but were never seen in the West.  

It does mean of course that Lenovo phones will disappear, at least under that branding. We guess that Moto carries more kudos. 

Last modified on 09 November 2016
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