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Xiaomi Mi MIX up for pre-order for US $659.99

by on27 October 2016

Shipping before Christmas

We stumbled upon a listing for Xiaomi's latest Mi MIX which puts the new smartphone on pre-order for US $659.99 for the standard 4GB/128GB and US $759.99 for the 6GB/256GB Mi MIX 18K version.

This pre-order deal for Xiaomi Mi MIX is available over at and according to the listing, the  first 4GB/128GB devices should ship in 39 days, while 6GB/256GB version will ship in 48 days.

We suspect that the 6.4-inch Xiaomi Mi MIX will be a bit more expensive after the pre-order deal is finished but it appears that there will be plenty of those to go around.

Even has both versions listed on its site with an arrival notice and we are sure all other similar sites should have it also.

These prices are a bit higher than those in China, set at RMB 3,499/US $515 for the standard 4GB/128GB version and RMB 3999/US $590 for the special 6GB/256GB Mi MIX 18K version, most buyers will also have to pay several taxes before getting it in their hands but it will still end up cheaper than most flagships on the market and hopefully won't burn down your car or your house.

We are sure Xiaomi will sell plenty  Mi MIX smartphones and hopefully this will push the company to make even better and more innovative high-end smartphones in the future.

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Last modified on 27 October 2016
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