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Galaxy Note 7 is pants to repair

by on19 August 2016

iFixit teardown spills the glue

Samsung's newest flagship fablet will be a bugger to repair and will need to be sent back to the manufacturer most of the time if anything goes wrong.

A tear down of the Galaxy Note 7, by iFixit, resulted in a "repairability score" of four out of 10. While this is better than the Galaxy S7,  which earned a three out of 10 it is pretty shocking. iFixit said that  several components were replaceable but a number of other parts were completely sealed. Some of this problem was due to the Note 7's waterproof feature, but the ablity to survive being dripped in a loo comes at a price.

Another problem is the curves screen which makes replacing the glass almost impossible without also causing damage to the display itself. While the device's glass front and rear are pretty cool, it also doubles the "crackability" and it is also  stuck down with enough glue to stop a charging elephant with a solvent abuse problem.

The charging port board is easy to get to and it can be removed independently of the screen thanks to improved cable routing. The battery is easy to replace too although again the use of strong adhesive prevents this from being easy or simple.


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