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Samsung wants to sell 17 million Galaxy S7s

by on26 February 2016

More than S6 and S4

Samsung will mass-produce 17 million Galaxy S7 series during first quarter – more than the sales volume of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S4.

According to the Electronic Times,  it would appear that Samsung believes that the Galaxy S7 will have higher sales volume than Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S4.

More than 5 million Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edges will be produced. In March there will be 7.7 million produced, and April 4.5 million. Output increases between February and March and slightly decreases in April because demand is usually focused during the early phase of new products’ release

Counter Point Research and Hana Financial Investment reported that the first quarter sales volume for Galaxy S6 was 15.80 million while first quarter sales volume for the S4 was 15.20 million. The Galaxy S6 that was released in 2015 and Galaxy S4 that was release in 2013 were Samsung’s most successful models.

It is not clear why Samsung thinks its phone will be so successful. It can only be that the initial response of Galaxy S7 was positive. Samsung itself is not revealing too much information regarding sales goal, performance, and strategies.

Samsung told a conference in Barcelona that all of its customers and partners are expecting a lot from Galaxy S7. The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are going to be produced in a 6:4 ratio.

Samsung Electronics had suffered disruption to sales of Galaxy S6 Edge due to lack of dual edge displays last year and has decided to supplement this problem by strengthening supply and demand of its products.

Only Samsung Display mass produces and supplies dual edge displays.

Last modified on 26 February 2016
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