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Blackberry boss can't play with his Priv

by on28 September 2015

Life mimics Mr Robot

In the telly show Mr Robot, the hero notes that one of the villains knows nothing about technology because he uses a Blackberry while anyone sensible uses Android.

"There he is Terry Colby, the CTO... Even though he's the head technology guy at one of the biggest companies in the world he owns a BlackBerry."

Blackberry CEO John Chen had egg over his face when he tried to show Blackberry's newest phone, the Priv, which sounds like a toilet and runs Android. But that might be technology too far for Chen who insists the phone "runs Google."

If you thought that was amusing he also said with a straight face that "everyone loves BB10" which was silly really because if they did he would not have to peddle a "Google phone."

Then he gets into trouble when using the Priv, getting lost trying to open Chrome.

Apparently Priv stands for either privacy or privilege, and not a "load of old toilet" which we thought.

Anyway most people thought that Blackberry's execs were out of touch with reality, what follows is a three-minute reminder of what a tech face-palm the outfit is making.


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