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Intel’s VP mentions Core M phablets

by on02 September 2015

Compute sticks and NUCs

Intel VP  Kirk Skaugen says phablets are the fastest growing segment in mobile computing and Intel Core M might end up in one or two. 

Intel loves its success of 2in1 Intel’s tablets and detachables and knows it can put 4.5W TDP processor inside of a tablet. Tablets start at 7 inches and higher and Intel could come up with an optimized Core m3 / m5 or m7 design that would do well in phablets.

Phablets start at 5.5 and bigger and there is potential for Intel to put its dual core processor inside. The Core m3 6Y30 with its clock up to 2.0 GHz would work well in phablets, or at least something similar. Likewise a high end Core m7 6Y75 running at up to 3.1GHz still remains cool with 4.5W TDP dissipation and might work too.

We will have to wait and see Intel delivering this processor in the mobile phone/ phablets factor and identify the manufacturer before we can be sure. Asus would be a "usual suspect" but so far Intel had nothing new to prove its good intentions.

There is always a hope that things will change for the better after Intel has a decent LTE modem and few relevant phone designs under its belt. Until this day arrives, Intel is trying to lure us with the new compute stick with Core M inside as well as NUC systems with Core M and Skylake refresh. We should hear more about this shortly. 

Last modified on 02 September 2015
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