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iPhone 6S is a dedicated follower of Qualcomm

by on13 August 2015

No Intel LTE inside anytime soon

Northland Capital Markets claimed that Intel might get up to 50 percent of all iPhone market in 2016, however we asked around and it turns out that is untrue.

Gus Richard suggested that Apple would use Intel's XMM 7360 LTE modem, in 2016 for Asia and Latin America.

The iPhones that will launch on early September will have a Qualcomm LTE modem. The way things work in this industry these deals have been sealed close to a year ago.

Intel has decent LTE modems but it still needs to do a lot to convince AT&T and Verizon in the US that its modems are much chop. There is a lot of certification that needs to be done and this has not happened yet. 

Chipzilla might have a chance to win some of the tablet/ iPad business in the future as this is much less volume and you don’t need to have a voice on these LTE modems, making them easier to certify.

Ask Nvidia how tough a business LTE is. It tried and they are running away faster than Arthur's finest knights from a bunny rabbit.

MediaTek is expected to make all the certifications for the two top carriers in the US in the course of 2016 and this will put some pressure on Qualcomm on the phone market.

We still don’t see anyone replacing Qualcomm as the pre-dominant supplier of LTE modems to the developed country market any time soon.

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