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Moto G 2015 poses for the camera

by on22 July 2015

1.7GHz Snapdragon 610 inside

Motorola is getting ready to unveil new watches and phones at an event next week and we got an update what the 2015 Moto G will look like. 

The new phone comes with an updated 1920x1080, 1080p screen which is better than the 1280x720 of the 2nd generation Moto G. The RAM size has doubled from 1GB to 2GB. LTE is not there out of the box. The last leak came from the Swiss based etailer

The SoC powering the phone is still a quad core and this time it is 64-bit Snapdragon 610. This SoC has four cores based on ARM Cortex A53 CPU which is clocked at 1.7GHz. This is a nice update considering the 2nd Generation Moto G 2014 had a 1.2 GHz clocked Cortex A7 32-bit only based Snapdragon 400.

The Snapdragon 610 has Cat 4 LTE with speeds up to 150 Mbps out of the box. The second generation Moto G didn't came with the LTE out of the box for the standard model but included a more expensive LTE model with the same spec and a LTE 4G modem.

The phone comes with 8GB storage and a pleasing microSD slot that supports up to 128 GB storage.

The retailer that leaked the specs claims the phone comes with Micro SIM and it supports 802.11n, not 802.11ac and it comes with Bluetooth 4.0 and micro USB 2.0 connector. The phone comes with Lollipop Android 5.x. The website claims its 5.0 but it might just be the latest greatest Android 5.1 too.

The Moto G 3rd generation 2015 measures 141.50mmx70.70mmx11mm which is identical to 2nd generation 141.5x70.7x11mm. The 3rd generation phone weights 149 grams or some six grams less than the 2014 version.

The phone is priced at 235 Swiss francs or $245 or €225 in real money. We expect the Moto G 2015 will keep its €199 / $199 price tag when it is introduced simply as in Switzerland is a country that lives on the money laundering high profile bank style and can afford a better markup.

The 3rd generation phone looks almost identical to the 2014 model, but it will be able to change its covers to make the phone more appealing. The non LTE model of 2014 second generation Moto G is selling with Dual SIM option, but we didn't see this on the 2015 phone. This is a pity as a Duel SIM is cool.

Last modified on 22 July 2015
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