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French want a bigger slice of German T-Mobile

by on03 October 2014

But they will probably surrender instead

French low-cost telecom operator Iliad SA wants to buy a "significantly larger" stake in the German T-Mobile’s US arm.

The outfit had been trying to buy 56.6 percent stake of the company in July, but this latest plan indicates that the outfit wants a larger slice of the pie. Apparently it wants to pay $33 for each T-Mobile share. Deutsche Telekom owns 66 percent of the fourth-largest U.S. carrier, feel that a minimum of $35 per share would be a fairer price for T-Mobile.

Sprint which dropped its bid to acquire T-Mobile, had agreed to pay $40 per share under the broad terms of an agreement worked out with Deutsche Telekom. 

Iliad has set a mid-October deadline to decide whether to improve its bid or surrender.

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