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Tesco to launch smartphone

by on06 May 2014

Hudl gets a sibling

British supermarket Tesco is planning to launch a smartphone later this year. The plans were confirmed by Tesco chief exec Philip Clarke in an interview with the BBC. He said the phone would launch before the year is out. He also confirmed that Tesco would launch a second-gen Hudl tablet in September.

Not much is known about the supermarket smartphone, but it appears to be Android-based. Oddly enough, it is said that it will have a spec comparable to the Samsung Galaxy S5. The Hudl tablet did not go after the high-end, it was designed to deliver adequate performance at a great price, hence Tesco sold more than half a million units.

The Hudl was priced at £119 at launch. A phone that would match the Galaxy S5 in terms of specs would cost quite a bit more than that. In fact the bill of materials (BoM) for the Galaxy S5 is north of $250. Stranger things have happened, but we doubt the Tesco phone will end up with a high-end spec and a hefty price tag.

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