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78 percent of Apple users blindly loyal

by on14 February 2014

New survey reveals

Some three fifths of more than 2,000 iPhone users questioned in a survey said they would always buy Apple gear even if it is proved expensive rubbish which does not improve their life a lot. The survey conducted by shows that Apple users do not care about the technology and just have “blind loyalty” to the brand.

The Apple user base is a serpent eating its own tail with few people coming from the real world to buy the gizmo. The survey revealed that only 17 per cent of respondents had switched to their current iPhone from a BlackBerry, 14 per cent from a Nokia, nine per cent from a Samsung, four per cent from an HTC and just two per cent from a Sony Ericsson handset. When asked what version of the iPhone they currently use, 52 per cent said they had a 5, 29 per cent had a 4 or 4S and just nine per cent were still using a 3 or 3GS. One in ten people were using one of the latest two models, the iPhone 5C or 5S.

Roshan Bholah, founder of, which conducted the survey, said it is interesting to discover this blind loyalty amongst iPhone users. They will no longer even look at other mobile phones on the market. In other words even if a Samsung phone gave you eternal youth and beauty, or a cure for Cancer, Apple users would not notice it.

Bholah said that it’s clearly a case of them having a positive experience with the handset. It’s ultimately the loyalty all brands hope to achieve with their customers – old and new. Odd Mr Bholah did not consider the fact that Apple fanboys are just stupid and part of a cult. It is bit like asking someone from Heavens Gate if they had tried any other religions. They will probably be unaware that there are other religions until the Kool Aid kicks in.

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