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Google Maps for iOS hits 10 million downloads

by on18 December 2012

In 48 hours

The iPhone 5 is pretty nice phone by any standard. It might be missing a proper Jailbreak, but some hackers and developers will likely come up with something, hopefully as early as next week. If the world doesn’t end in a few days, of course.

However, many people were really unhappy with Apple's iOS 6 maps, but the maps were also quite entertaining. It was funny to see that I have a Starbucks in by neighborhood, just across the street, despite the fact that it closed some three years ago and reopened as a McCafe. Rumour has it that Apple's Scot Forstall got fired over the maps debacle.

Since I am based in Europe, having a Starbucks just across the street would be a big deal, as they are few and far between in this part of the world. Luckily the iPhone 5 got the mapping software it deserves last week and now the map points to the right café. Hence, it is hardly surprising that more than 10 million people download Google Maps for iOS in just 48 hours. iPhone users clearly got used to Google Maps over the years, as they were present on the iPhone since 2007.

Now the iPhone 4/5 as well as iPad users stuck with iOS 6 all have the access to Google Maps, and it seems that everyone is happy about it, especially Google who might got a saucy deal out of it.

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