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HTC One X gets Jelly Bean 4.1 within days

by on21 November 2012

HTC confirms

It turns out that HTC One X Jelly Bean update is just around the corner. An HTC spokesperson didn’t want to tell us the exact day, as updates as important as this one tend to get delayed, but we were insured that the update will start within days.
All the software improvements such as power saving mode that some might have seen on the HTC One X+ as well as Sense 4+ are coming to the HTC One X. We were also assured that there will be a significant performance boost that will accompany the 4.1 update on HTC One X.

We got a general impression that tge October timeframe that HTC officially communicated with its customers for this update was too optimistic. Over the years we learned that when company tells something happens in October, it will happen in late rather than early October and things scheduled for last days of October are doomed to slip to November.

Last minute bugs had to get HTC back at the software improvement table and prolong the testing period, but once it gets rolled out, the HTC One X will get reinvented. We can kind of confirm this as HTC One X+ with 4.1 that we are currently testing works much better than the HTC One X with 4.0.4 software.

The countdown can begin and with some luck we should have this update before the end of the week, we hope.

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