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Intel confirms Medfield can't do LTE

by on24 September 2012

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Soon but later than the rest

Intel has confirmed that it will be running behind the other mobile chipmakers with LTE adoption.

It seems that the lack of LTE is making it difficult for Chipzilla to flog its Medfield chips in the US. Apparently, the only company that can get away with flogging LTE-less phones is Apple, which only recently put one out.

According to TechCrunch, Sumeet Syal, Intel’s Director of Product Marketing, confirmed that 4G support is in the pipeline. However, it will not be ramping up until 2013.

But that is not the only place that Intel is behind the rest of the pack. App compatibility is another area where Intel is having to play catch up.

Intel said that it is working closely with Google to optimize its chip architecture for Android, since not all Android apps are compatible with Intel’s SoCs, including Google’s own Chrome for Android browser. Syal insisted that the “majority” of Android apps are compatible with Medfield chips but was not specific.

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