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HTC still down with Dre

by on23 August 2012


Says Beats Audio is going nowhere

The quietly brilliant Taiwanese handset manufacturer has decided to break the quiet on a recent rumor, which claimed HTC could soon be dumping Beats Audio.

The company reacted and said it is still down with Dre & Co. It said it’s “strongly committed” to Beats Audio including their “innovation” in HTC’s devices, although some may argue against calling an EQ preset innovation.

The rumor started going around after HTC realized that bundling the overpriced headphones with its phones was not a particularly lucrative move. The company then sold most of its stake in Beats Audio and it really seemed as if it was a done deal.

To be fair, if the feature itself was any more useful than any other EQ setting, we wouldn’t mind HTC sticking with it. Seeing as how it isn’t, it can only be that HTC fears a drive by.

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Last modified on 23 August 2012
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