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New iPhone enters production?

by on23 July 2012

iphone 4 logo new

In a factory far, far away...

The ever-churning mill of all things rumoresque claims that the new iPhone is already in production.

According to the rumor, Apple's new toy is already being produced in Pegatron's factory in Shanghai, China. With not much other info to go by, it is merely said that this will help Pegatron break even after the expected decrease in ODM shipments of notebooks in Q3 2012.

Hanging around the likes of Apple seems to do wonders for popularity, and Pegatron has gotten its fair share of headlines as of late. In fact, we've heard quite a few rumors involving the two, including Apple pressuring Pegatron to drop the competitors' orders, becoming the second OEM maker of the iPad and some others.  

Pegatron's chief financial officer Charles Lin has recently said that the company is currently manufacturing as many as five different tablets, but refused to say who the customers were.  

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Last modified on 23 July 2012
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