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BlackBerry 10 devices finalized

by on26 June 2012

Specs leak for N & L series devices

RIM’s biggest hope for turning things around is BlackBerry 10 that is coming this way soon. We now find out a little bit more about the specs for the BlackBerry L, which is codename London, and the Blackberry N, which is codename Nevada. We are told that both units have hit final production and are coming.

The L Series will offer a screen resolution of 768x1280, with it being 55mm wide and 356 PPI. The N Series will offer a 720x720 screen resolution, with it being 52mm wide with 330 PPI. Both will use OLED screen technology, but it is possible that in the future when dubbing them down into more cost effective models, they could use an LCD screen.

The big news is perhaps the N Series or the Nevada because it will offer a physical QWERTY keyboard, which is a surprise, because we thought that only the touchscreen L Series London would be the first offering for the BlackBerry 10 devices.

The latest as far as the release timetable still sees the L series arriving in September, followed by the N series in early 2013.  We hear, however, that RIM is trying to speed that up, which is probably a good thing.

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