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LG announces Optimus LTE2

by on04 May 2012


Trumps Galaxy S III with 2GB of memory

Just in time to somehow counter Samsung's yesterday launch, LG has announced yet another smartphone that will be a part of its Optimus lineup, the Optimus LTE2. According to first details, it appears that Optimus LTE2 has more than it needs to go neck to neck with Galaxy S III.

The LG Optimus LTE2 will feature, what LG likes to call, TrueHD IPS screen. The screen is most likely 720p, and we guess that LG threw in the "True" part just to note that we are looking at standard RGB pixel layout rather than PenTile one that Samsung uses. Another novelty is something that we haven't seen so far on smartphones, a total 2GB of RAM memory. Of course, we aren't sure if 2GB of memory will actually do anything as it depends solely on Android, but you'll certainly won't run out of it during multi-tasking.

The rest of the known specs include obvious LTE support, a main camera that will feature high response and voice activation feature, a some sort of wireless charging option and a high capacity 2150mAh battery. Unfortunately, the CPU behind the Optimus LTE2 is unknown but our best bet is that we are looking at Qualcomm's Snapdragon S4.

The new Optimus LTE2 is expected to hit Korea by mid-May and we guess we'll see an international launch pretty soon, alongside some precise specs of course.

You can check out LG Korea press release here.

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