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Apple almost causes riots in China

by on13 January 2012


iPhone 4S launches with few bangs to many

Apple’s launch of the iPhone 4S in China has drawn quite a bit of attention. OK, make that more than a bit, as even the police got a wind of this one.

Apparently, the usual lines and bickering in lines for Apple’s products seem to have turned to violence in China. Namely, there are reports of groups of people fighting to get their mitts on their iPhone 4S.

Apple Store in Beijing tried to keep the crowds away by locking its doors. In return, they received a bombardment of eggs.

One cannot help but wonder what may happen on the next launch of Apple’s overpriced devices. On the other hand, at least the Chinese won't let Apple go far in what seems to be the company's main branch as of late – lawsuits.

You can read more and find a video of the “launch” here.

Last modified on 13 January 2012
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